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Ranges Plug-in

The powerful Ranges Plug-in for FileMaker Pro uses a starting date and an ending date to generate a range of values between those two dates. The Ranges plug-in will generate number ranges as well.

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FileMaker 5.5 compatible and runs on Mac OS X!

Troi Ranges Plug-in 1.1 has been tested with FileMaker 5.5 and is made compatible for Mac OS X. The Mac OS version of the plug-in is now a so called 'Super Fat' plug-in that will run on Mac OS 8, 9 and Mac OS X. Download the update.

FileMaker Pro Now Capable of Financial Features Not Previously Available!

The Ranges plug-in was developed by Troi Automatisering in cooperation with ISO Productions, Inc., a leading provider of FileMaker Pro resources. The Ranges Plug-in brings new ideas to the FileMaker Pro plug-in market and continues to extend the power of this easy-to-use database.

First, the functions of the plug-in allow developers to add dynamic range-based features to their FileMaker Pro solutions.

Second, the One Price License eliminates the need to purchase a seat license for each computer where the plug-in will be used! This saves people time and money when developing distributed database solutions.

" I have always wanted to be able to quickly view subsets of date-based information, like those found in Quicken." said Matt Petrowsky, President of ISO Productions. "With the features found in the Ranges Plug-in, developers can really increase the professionalism of their financial solutions."

When you purchase the Ranges Plug-in you will be able to:

rated version 1.0:

"Troi Ranges is yet another useful FileMaker Pro plug-in from those clever chaps in Holland."

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  • Use two date fields to create a range of dates, numbers or time
  • Generate dynamic on-screen data, whether financial or otherwise
  • Use ranges in conjunction with Go To Related Records for quick report generation
  • Integrate the included Calendar Solution into new or existing files
  • Enhance the ease of reporting for time periods
  • Purchase a single license and use it in an unlimited number of solutions

The Ranges Plug-in by Troi Automatisering and ISO Productions promises to usher in a new model of plug-in distribution within the FileMaker Pro community. With these powerful features provided to developers at a single price, the motivation to continuously create more and better solutions will be fostered.

Pricing & Availability

The Ranges Plug-in for FileMaker Pro retails for $179.00 (U.S.).

Download Ranges Plug-in here