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Peter Baanen receives FileMaker Pro Excellence Award at FileMaker DevCon 2001.

(August 14th, 2001) Peter Baanen, CEO of Troi Automatisering, received the '2001 FileMaker Pro Excellence Award for Outstanding Contributor to the Plug-in Technology for FileMaker Pro' at the FileMaker Developer Conference 2001. From the jury report: "His company provides very high quality plug-ins, great service, and most of all, products that really let us expand the reach of FileMaker. There have been numerous projects we could not have built in FileMaker, except for Peter's outstanding products." And of course Troi showed its products at the FileMaker Deveveloper Conference 2001 in Orlando too. We got great featback from a lot of users, thanks!

This page below is quoted from the FileMaker Inc web site.

2001 FileMaker Pro Excellence Award Winners

These developers have just been recognized at the FileMaker Developer Conference 2001 for their outstanding contribution to the FileMaker community.


Peter Baanen Outstanding Contributor to the Plug-In Technology forFileMaker Pro

Peter Baanen of Troi Automatisering from The Netherlands is one of the leading developers to publish cross-platform, high-quality plug-ins for FileMaker Pro. Today, his company has available over 12 plug-ins as well as databases and utilities which has enabled other developers to expand FileMakers functionality to create business solutions. Visit the website at: http://www.troi.com/

WinnerBrian Dunning For Increasing Awareness of the FileMaker Platform

Brian Dunning is a Technical Editor for FileMaker Pro Advisor Mazazine as well as featured columnist for ISO FileMaker Magazine. He created the Master Class for FileMaker class series, and has been a top developer, trainer, and writer in the community for many years. His peers have labeled him as one of the "Most Colorful FileMaker Character". His FileMaker and Lasso courseware, ChartMaker Pro, and BoardRoom instant Messaging software are all available online at http://www.briandunning.com

WinnerKlemens Kegebein Outstanding Contribution to FileMaker Awareness in Europe

Klemens Kegbein of K&K Verlog GmbH has published the popular German "FileMaker Magazin" for almost 10 years. Klemens reach and dedication has made him an important multiplier and mouthpiece of FileMaker in Germany - in public and within the FSA Community. Also, a beta tester of Engish and German versions, a reseller, and a FileMaker conference and event organizer, Klemens is one of FileMaker's Most Outstanding Contributors to FileMaker Awareness in Europe. Visit his website at: http://www.filemaker-magazin.de

WinnerDavid Knight For Outstanding Technical Support to the FileMaker Community

David Knight is a principal and Technical Director of d-Werks, a Southern California firm with product and custom installations worldwide. He is co-founder of the popular FMDiSC (FileMaker Developers in Southern California) group. He has also been a speaker for the FileMaker Developer Conference for the last 2 years. David is the creator of Schedule Pro - the enterprise scheduling solution, Studio Pro - a tool for managing your recording/post production Studio, TrackThis! - a complete advertising agency mangement system, plus more. Visit d-werks website at: http://www.d-werks.com (link obsolete).

WinnerBarney Lawn For Developing Outstanding Technical and Training Resources for FileMaker

Barney Lawn is President of CoreSolutions Development, a Canadian company. Over the years, CoreSolutions has successfully developed and implemented hundreds of custom applications for clients throughout Canada and the US. Barney has also authored a comprehensive set of development standards, training materials and an internationally quarterly newsletter for FileMaker Pro. Barney Lawn has been instrumental in raising and setting the standards of developers everywhere. He has also been an invited speaker at five FileMaker Developer Conferences. Visit their website at: http://www.coresolutions.ca/.

FileMaker Developer Conference 2001
"Mad Dog" Award Winners

The following companies were awarded the Mad Dog Award for generating positive press coverage of FileMaker Pro solutions:

Ascending Technologies, Brian Dunning, digital.forest, d-Werks, Interactive Ink, Life $uccess Institute, Quetzal Consulting, Inc., Sundog Design, TekData, LLC, The Press File, Troi Automatisering , and Waves in Motion.


Quoted from this page: http://www.filemaker.com/developers/winners.html (no longer available)

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