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Troi Graphic Plug-in (discontinued)

Please note: no new versions planned

Troi Graphic Plug-in has been retired. You can still use it, but we have decided that we will no longer update the plug-in and that we will phase out support for it as well. Version 1.1 is compatible with FileMaker 6 and earlier. The web page below is no longer updated.

(Page updated: March 5th, 2015)

Troi Graphic Plug-in 1.1

Troi Graphic Plug-in is a FileMaker Pro plug-in, which adds Graphics functions to FileMaker Pro 4.0 or higher. With it you can create container fields in any RGB (red, green,blue combination) color you want, do a screen shot capture and make small thumbnail images of (large) images in the database, all within FileMaker!

FileMaker 6 compatible and runs on Mac OS X

Troi Graphic Plug-in 1.1 has been tested with FileMaker Pro 6 and 5.5 and is made compatible for Mac OS X. The Mac OS version of the plug-in is now a so called 'Super Fat' plug-in that will run on Mac OS 8, 9 and Mac OS X. Download the full package or the update to Graphic Plug-in 1.1 for Mac OS and Mac OS X here.

Powerful graphic functions

Troi Graphic Plug-in adds these great functions:

RGB Colors

Create any color you want without leaving FileMaker:

Screen Capture

Screen capturing is great for customer support. Capture the state of the screen into a container. You can capture the complete screen or specify which part of the screen you want. Below a square of 180x180 pixel is shown.

Make Thumbnails: Ideal for Speed in Web Publishing

If you have large images already in FileMaker there was no way to easily make small preview images. But with the Graphic plug-in you can create small thumbnails before you put your database on the web:

Try Troi Graphic Plug-in before you buy

You are free and invited to test the program before you pay. You may also make copies of the original and complete package (including the Read Me file) and distribute it to customers, friends etc. However, you may not distribute a modified or registered version.

What are the costs?

  • Single user licenses: $49 each
  • Site license: $250 each
  • World-Wide license: $400
  • Developer Distribution license (Cross-platform): $125


Please note: download either a Macintosh (.hqx) or a Windows version (.zip) of the package. Each package contains BOTH the Macintosh version as well as the Windows version of Troi Graphic Plug-in. Only the compression and (text)formatting is different. Note: formatting of the files is in FileMaker 5 format (.FP5). If you want the old examples formatted in FileMaker 4 format (.FP3) look below.

Choose one of the following links to start download:

Mac OS Package:

Size 832 Kb, Bin Hexed
Click here to download troi-graphic-plug-in1.1.hqx (HTTP)

Windows Package:

Size 640 Kb, Zipped
Click here to download tgraph11.zip (HTTP)

Update: Graphic 1.1 for Mac OS and Mac OS X
Contains only the plug-in itself, no example files etc. This is a Super Fat Plug-in that runs also on Mac OS X.

Size 156 Kb, Bin Hexed
Click here to download troi-graphic-update 1.1.hqx (HTTP)

Old FileMaker Pro 4 Example files

Below you'll find the old example files (from version 1.0) formatted in FileMaker Pro 4 format (.FP3). We don't have the current example files in FileMaker 4 format.

Size 76 Kb, Zipped
Click here to download the 1.0 example files.

If you have trouble downloading from our site you can also download it (with about a week delay) from the info-mac or one of its mirror sites: <http://hyperarchive.lcs.mit.edu/HyperArchive.html>.