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Troi Automatisering releases URL Plug-in 2.0.3 for FileMaker Pro 9

Updated plug-in for FileMaker Pro 9 lets you get and post data and retrieve images from the Internet.

August 5th, 2008, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands--Troi Automatisering today announced the availability of Troi URL Plug-in 2.0.3 for FileMaker Pro 9.

What is Troi URL Plug-in?

Troi URL Plug-in can help you fill in forms on the Internet, all from FileMaker Pro. It also retrieves data or images from any HTTP URL.

You can:

  • use the POST command to fill in a web form and retrieve the result directly in FileMaker Pro
  • use the GET command to retrieve data
  • use a secure connection (HTTPS) using SSL
  • get access to password protected web pages
  • encode text into HTTP format
  • get JPEG, PNG and GIF images directly into a container field
  • send cookies with a request
  • show a custom progress dialog during the retrieval (Mac OS only)

Suggested Uses

Troi URL plug-in allows you to:

  • fill in forms on web sites or your intranet
  • get online data like stock quotes, weather reports, etc.
  • automatically add information to listings and online databases
  • search the Internet for terms or other specific items
  • get the time of your city

All these features also work in a runtime solution.

What is new in version 2.0.3?

Troi URL Plug-in 2.0.3 is a maintenance release and fixes some bugs, but also adds a few switches. Below are the main improvements:

  • Added new switch "-AlwaysSendUserPassword" to the TURL_Get and TURL_Post functions. This will make the plug-in always send the user name and password to the web server.
  • Improved the TURL_Post function: added switch "-Encoding=ISO_8859_1" to be able to specify ISO latin 1 for the POST data encoding.
  • Improved the TURL_Post function: improved the encoding with switch "-Encoding=UTF8".
  • (Windows) Improved the TURL_Post function: added workaround for some circumstances where the POST would be issued three times.
  • (Windows) Improved the TURL_Post function: Changed the default encoding from "-Encoding=ASCII_Mac" to "-Encoding=UTF8". This encoding is now used for the POST data if you don't specify an "-Encoding=..." switch.
  • (Windows) Fixed a problem with certificates from unrecognized certification authorities, when using HTTPS in the TURL_Get and TURL_Post functions. The plug-in now returns an error code, most likely $$12045 (Certificate authority is invalid) instead of an empty result.
  • Fixed several other small bugs, and improved stability.
  • Updated the FillForm.fp7, to include a script with a long timeout.
  • Updated the User Guide and Overview.fp7 file.

This plug-in complements the web viewer to get all sorts of data from the Internet. We invite you to test drive the new functions and see what you can do with it!

Pricing & Availability

A fully functional demo version of Troi URL Plug-in 2.0.3 is available for downloading at Troi's Web site at: <http://www.troi.com/software/urlplugin.html>.

Troi URL Plug-in 2.0.3 works with FileMaker Pro 7, 8.x and 9. The plug-in can also be used with runtimes created by FileMaker Developer 7 or by FileMaker Pro Advanced 8.x or FileMaker Pro Advanced 9. The plug-in is available for Mac OS X 10.4.5 or higher and Windows XP (Service pack 2) and Windows Vista.

Licenses cost US$ 69 per user. Details on developer licenses and multi-user discounts can be found on our web site. You can order licenses from our web site.

Upgrade information

Product updates from earlier versions, bought on or after March 1st, 2005, are free. You need a registration that works with version 2. Eligible users have been sent a new registration string (in 2006). Contact us if you have not received yours.

Upgrades from licenses bought before March 1st, 2005, are available starting from US$ 29 per user.

Upgrade prices for other licenses can be found on our web site. You can order upgrades from our web site.

About Troi Automatisering

Troi Automatisering is leading developer of cross platform FileMaker Pro plug-ins. For more information, visit our web site at:

Contact information  

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Troi Automatisering
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