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ProMaker Utils 1.1

Works best with Mac 0S 8.5!

What ProMaker Utils can do for you

If you are a FileMaker Pro 3.0 or 4.0 user or developer and write ScriptMaker scripts, this small application can save you a lot of time. ProMaker Utils makes it possible to paste an entire ScriptMaker script (all steps) from a TEXT file into a FileMaker script.

No more clicking until your hands hurt, just enter them in one go!


IMPORTANT ProMaker has been retired!

Promaker only works with FileMaker 3 and 4. We have no plans to update ProMaker to make it suitable for FileMaker 5. We no longer sell licenses for Promaker. ProMaker is now freeware. Below you find instructions to register it.

Registration Key

Below is the key for registering ProMaker Utils.
IMPORTANT: The key works with version 1.0.1 or higher. The key will also work with later releases. Please enter the data exactly as shown below:

name: Free License
serial number: A4210-960-572

This will enable you to personalize your software, get rid of the lengthy startup screen and set preferences.

How does ProMaker Utils work?

  • Open FileMaker Pro and the script you want to paste the steps in.
  • Use ProMaker Utils to open a TEXT file with the script-steps in it (some sample text files are included).
  • Enter the complete script by pressing command-E.

ProMaker Utils will bring FileMaker to the front and start pasting the steps into the selected script. It is that simple.

ProMaker Utils doesn't use a patch or an extension so no potential conflicts there.

New in version: 1.1 (15-10-98) :

This version has been tested and is compatible with Mac OS 8.5:

  • Special appearances are supported.
  • Special themes are supported.
  • Multiple scrollbar arrows are no problem when pasting.
  • Hides Application switcher before starting to paste.


System Requirements: A Macintosh with 68030 or better or Power Macintosh, System 7.1 or later. Of course you need a copy of FileMaker Pro, this should be version 3.0v4 or later (any international version).

IMPORTANT: At the moment no support for older FileMaker versions is given. You should update FileMaker to the v4 version before using ProMaker Utils (updating is a good idea anyway, as it fixes some nasty bugs). These updaters can be found at: <http://www.filemaker.com/>.

ProMaker Utils is shareware

This means that you are free to test the program before you pay. You may also make copies of the original and complete package (including the Readme file) and distribute it to friends etc. However, you may not distribute a modified or registered version. ProMaker Utils costs $25 per user, site licensing is possible. See the enclosed Register Program.

ProMaker Utils demo GIF

One of the (Swiss) users of ProMaker, Andy Haeberli, made an animated GIF to demonstrate how ProMaker works: He wrote:

Listen, I made a little "movie" about ProMaker Util. I think it is very helpful to show how it works. (I hate to read manuals!) Just open it with Netscape 3.0 and see what happens.

NB: it should also work on other Browsers like Netscape 2.0 and Internet Explorer. Click here to view the animated GIF


Please Note: ProMaker Utils is ONLY available for Macintosh.

Choose one of the following links to start download:

Size 320 Kb, BinHexed
Click here to download ProMaker Utils 1.1 (HTTP)

German Version

German version:
Size 273 Kb, BinHexed
Click here to download ProMaker German 1.0.3. (HTTP)

If you have trouble downloading from our site you can also download it from the info-mac or one of its mirror sites: <http://hyperarchive.lcs.mit.edu/HyperArchive.html>.

How to capture your scripts from FileMaker?

At the moment ProMaker Utils can not get a script out of FileMaker. This can be done by the excellent Text Capture FKEY from James W. Walker. To install this easily I've created Several Font Suitcases for this FKEY. You only have to drag the wanted FKEY number into your Fonts folder. System 7 will happily keep the suitcase open and the FKEYs in the file will be available for use as if they were installed in the System file.

Size 59 Kb Click here to download Troi's Text_Capture_FKEY_2.3.

Note: Text Capture FKEY is not a product of Troi Automatisering it is ©1992 of James W. Walker. You can no longer get the original posting from HyperArchive.