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NOTE this is a classic page containing our older press releases and photos from previous devcons.

Excellence Award
Old news, but we are still proud: Peter Baanen received the '2001 FileMaker Pro Excellence Award'
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Troi's FileMaker Devcon 2016 blog

Read about Troi's FileMaker DevCon 2016 in our blog. It shows photos of the FileMaker Developer conference held in Las Vegas in July 2016.

Troi Photo's from FileMaker DevCon 2012

Take a look at the Troi DevCon 2012 photo impression of July 2012. It shows photos and movies of the FileMaker Developer conference held in Miami Beach.

All DevCon Photos (1998 to 2012)

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This is a classic page, containing only our older press releases. Below you can find the latest press releases:











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How to pronounce Troi Automatisering

"Troi Automatisering" is Dutch. You pronounce it like "troi auto-ma-tea zaring". If you are on Mac OS enter the following text in SimpleText and let it read with Apple's Speech Manager: "troi auto-ma-tea zaring".

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Four Troi plug-ins reviewed by MacUser

MacUser has reviewed 4 Troi plug-ins for FileMaker Pro 8.5. The verdict: "For serious FileMaker developers, Troi plug-ins are still as necessary as ever".