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Troi offers the following software maintenance and technical support free of charge to its customers:

Bug fixes

We strive to make our software very stable. For example we are sticking to the practice of the book “Writing solid code“, by Steve Maguire, Microsoft Press (ISBN 1-55615-551-4). This will prevent lots of bugs. When we find a bug, we of course try to solve it quickly.

Minor upgrades

Upgrades will be published on our web site. They are announced through our mailing list. You can subscribe to this list here.

Online Technical Support

Currently we have these resources:

Online help

Function and script step reference for Troi plug-ins.

Plug-in FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions about Troi plug-ins.

Compatibility pages

Information regarding compatibility of all our plug-ins with FileMaker 17 and other versions of FileMaker, as well as with various versions of the operating systems.

Installation support

Instructions for using plug-ins with FileMaker Server and FileMaker Cloud.

OSErrrs database

This free FileMaker database contains the explanation of operating system error codes of macOS and Windows. Some of these error codes may be returned by our plug-ins.

Technical support by email

In all plug-in download packages you will find example files and a user guide. The user guide tries to give you all the information necessary to use a plug-in. So if you have a problem please read the user guide first or consult the online support resources mentioned above. If you don’t find an answer there, you can get free support by email. Send your questions here with a full explanation of the problem. Also give as much relevant information (name and version of the plug-in, which platform, version of the operating system, version of FileMaker Pro) as possible.

Plug-in API

Troi Plug-ins use the FileMaker Plug-in API, as provided by FileMaker Inc.
Plug-ins extend the feature set of the FileMaker Pro application. Users can access the functionality of the plug-in through the Specify Calculation dialog box within FileMaker Pro.

And starting with FileMaker Pro 16 plug-ins can now add script steps to the Script Workspace too.

Troi Plug-ins give your databases power.