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The Activator Plug-in can trigger a script on a different computer, even over internet. Ever wanted to tell other users you changed their appointment or ask someone to get out of a record? Now you can with this plug-in! You can also trigger events at scheduled times or when exiting a field. Or use as an image upload server. FMP17 through FMP2023 compatible.

Start a FileMaker script on a different computer. Or trigger scripts on the same computer, from any FileMaker calculation (for example a tooltip calculation), on a specified date and time or after exiting a field. This plug-in also has a built-in HTTP(S) server, which lets you trigger a script by sending a URL. Or use it as an Image Upload Server: it can receive uploaded images for example from an iOS device, including GPS coordinates.

For more info go to the Troi Activator Plug-in page

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Very rarely do I go to any effort to write someone a thank-you note when I purchase their software. However, this time, it certainly warrants it. Your plug-in, “Activator” has saved me – literally – hundreds of hours and an immense amount of heartache in my runtime solution, which is a massive relational system for managing flight operations at one of Canada’s busiest airports.
The activator script allows me to simply forward requests through to other systems where they can be parsed and acted upon, without having to contend with establishing relationships, multi-user issues, or any of that stuff.
Thank-you Soooooo much for this plugin!”

Stephen Grant, Toronto, Canada

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With this plug-in you can show dynamic dialogs. With a calculation you can specify all aspects like the text, number of buttons and icons. It adds input dialogs, list dialogs, a temporary flash dialog and progress bars. Give your database that extra quality by giving users the best feedback. FMP16 through FMP19.6 compatible.

Show your users several sophisticated types of dialog boxes. Use a calculation to compile the dialog text and the buttons, position the dialog box anywhere on the screen, add a standard icon or your own and set the text for the dialog title bar. Dialog types include input dialogs with up to twenty fields, temporary flash screens, a progress bar, a list dialog to let users select items and a big input dialog for entering longer texts.

For more info go to the Troi Dialog Plug-in page

“The dialog plug-in is without question the most important FileMaker plug-in in our arsenal (I would argue the most important FileMaker plug-in period). Easily worth ten times the price.”
Shawn Hogan, Lead Engineer at Digital Point Solutions

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Secure your FileMaker data by AES-256 encryption, export or email your data without risk and import safely back into FileMaker. Also helps you to generate passwords and save them in the keychain, verify data integrity, create text signatures, convert binary numbers and compress data. You need this plug-in if you want data to be safe! FMP16 through FMP2023 compatible.

Encrypt text or container fields, using the powerful 256-bit AES encryption scheme, so that your sensitive data is secure. Export encrypted data and send it safely over internet. Then import and decrypt it to restore the original information. You can exchange encrypted data with other systems: decrypt data in FileMaker that was encrypted with for example PHP 7 and vice versa.

For more info go to the Troi Encryptor Plug-in page

“Thank you for developing such a good software, I´m very happy to use your Filemaker plug-ins which are 100% error free….. at least for me, Thanks again”
Victor Barrera

This plug-in is the best tool for getting access to files and folders outside the FileMaker Pro database. Any file stored on the computer can be accessed: create, delete and write in any format. Import any file. Create thumbnails of images or batch import them. Zip and unzip files and folders. Search the disk and more! With more than 125 functions and script steps this is the workhorse to manage all your file related tasks. FMP17 through FMP2024 compatible.

No less than 88 functions and 40 script steps let you deal efficiently with any files or folders outside the database. You can select, drag and drop, create, delete, copy, move, rename, modify, zip and unzip files and folders, or check their integrity with a hash. Query detailed information of files and folders: the size on disk, creation and modification dates and more. You can mount and unmount remote disks on a server, list the contents of a folder including (optionally) the contents of all its subfolders or search your disk for files or folders. We also added several functions that help you manage your images and movies: you can make thumbnails in all sizes, get metadata (IPTC, Exif, GPS, XMP) and write IPTC and Exif metadata into your image files.

For more info go to the Troi File Plug-in page

“I have been using the file plugin for a long time (10 + years) and it has been great. Very easy to use and powerful. Awesome work :)”
Steven Durow, Director of Data Analysis Department, Fargo Public Schools, Fargo ND, USA

Read more customer reviews on the File Plug-in page

Send commands to and receive output from any device with a serial interface. This plug-in lets a wide array of devices, from weighing scales to telephone switchboards, work directly with FileMaker Pro databases. FMP16 through FMP2023 compatible.

Send commands to and receive output from any device with a serial interface. Trigger a script to get incoming data into the database. Includes a “Wait for Match” function to wait for a specific text before triggering. This plug-in is also very well suited for the use in electronic devices that send data to the computer continuously, like most electronic weighing scales.

For more info go to the Troi Serial Plug-in page

“Thanks for all your work with this excellent plug-in. We have been using it since way back (1998) and it is very stable and well working. Excellent work.”
Thomas Ljungdell, System designer, PositionEtt AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Read more customer reviews on the Serial Plug-in page

Troi Text Plug-in is a very powerful tool for dealing efficiently with text in your FileMaker Pro database. It adds custom spell checking, XML parsing and combination functions: ANDText (all lines that are the same in 2 text fields), XORText (all lines that are different) and NOTText (all lines that are in the first text field but not in the second). Also get unique lines and words, sort lines, GetLine and more functions. FMP16 through FMP19.4 compatible.

With this plug-in you can easily parse XML text. It also lets you combine sets from 2 text fields: get all lines that are the same, get all lines that differ and other combinations. Other functionality includes getting (unique) lines, sorting words and lines and performing a completely customizable spelling check.

For more info go to the Troi Text Plug-in page

“Troi Text Plug-in is one of the most useful plug-ins on the planet.”
Robert J. Cummings,

Read more customer reviews on the Text Plug-in page

Troi URL Plug-in can help you fill in web forms, all from FileMaker Pro. It also posts and retrieves data from any HTTP or HTTPS URL. FMP16 through FMP19.3 compatible.

Send data to a web page URL and receive the requested data (or image) into your database. Troi URL Plug-in supports the Get, Post, Put and Delete commands. You can specify cookies and proxy server settings. Troi URL Plug-in will handle normal http as well as secure connections (https). You can get access to password protected web pages including web services that require OAuth authorization.

For more info go to the Troi URL Plug-in page

“I’m probably not the first to tell you: Way-cool! Keep up the GREAT work!”
Erik Wegweiser, Intelligent Database FileMaker Pro Developer, Consultant – Member, FileMaker Solutions Alliance.

Read more customer reviews on the URL Plug-in page


Troi Developer
License Bundle

Save money and time with the Troi Developer License Bundle: receive cross platform developer licenses for all current Troi plug-ins, plus all upgrades during 12 months after purchase.

  • Save money: more than US $ 1000 cheaper compared to individual developer licenses
  • Save time: only order once and receive upgrades automatically for 12 months
  • Stay compatible: always licensed for the latest versions
  • Easy budgeting: fixed 12-month price

Developer Distribution License

For all our plug-ins we have a flat fee cross-platform license intended for FileMaker solution developers.
You can find more information on these licenses on our Developer License page.

Other products

Troi Grabber

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This plug-in adds video image grabbing functions. With it you can take a picture from a video camera and put it into a container field. And record movies too! FMP10 through FMP13 compatible.

Troi OSErrrs


Database which lists system error codes of macOS and Windows. Free for Troi plug-in users!