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Troi URL Plug-in helps Rob connect

Rob Salusbury wrote to us that he is using our Troi URL plug-in to make FileMaker Pro into an incredibly powerful web client, in particular for communicating with SQL databases.

He thinks we are sitting on a real game changer that potential customers might not be aware of. Combined with Troi File and Troi Encryptor it delivers the ability to create very fast (VERY fast), very secure SQL applications that provide a ton of extended capabilities over any browser-only based solutions.

You can find the quote on our comments page.

The link below points to a page on his site that explains a little more about the concept.

We have to admit we don’t completely understand how this works, so you’ll have to quiz him on the details. We are amazed what our users can accomplish with the help of our plug-ins.

Many more functions

This is just one of the functionalities added by the Troi URL Plug-in. Another possibility is for example to send tweets to Twitter.


On the Troi URL Plug-in page you can download a fully functional demo with all the functions explained:

It is a great and easy way to enhance your database for you or your customers.

Troi Encryptor Plug-in Release notes 1998-2016

In this post you find the older release notes for Troi Encryptor Plug-in for FileMaker Pro.

Troi Encryptor Plug-in versions for FileMaker Pro 12 to 14

Version 3.0.1 (for FileMaker 12, 13 and 14) (March 22nd, 2016)

  • Tested and made compatible with Windows 10 and OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • Fixed a bug in the Encr_MakeDigest function which was introduced in version 3.0: when creating a MD5 digest an incorrect digest would be returned for texts bigger than 32000 characters.
  • Added a switch “-DigestCompatibleWithv30” to the Encr_MakeDigest function, to be able to generate the same (incorrect) digests of v3.0. Note that the result only differs for digests of text bigger than 32000 characters and created with the 3.0 version of the plug-in.
  • Improved several example files.

Version 3.0 (for FileMaker 12, 13 and 14) (June 5th, 2015)

  • Tested and made compatible with FileMaker Pro 12, 13 and 14.
  • Added support for 64-bit architecture with FileMaker Pro 14: on OS X the 32-bit and 64-bit version is a single universal plug-in and on Windows there are 2 plug-ins: Troi_Encryptor.fmx (for 32-bit) and Troi_Encryptor.fmx64 (for 64-bit).
  • Added the example file EasyInstallTroiPlugins.fmp12, with support for the 64-bit version of FileMaker Pro 14.
  • Tested with OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Windows 8.x.
  • Added AES-256 bit encryption: The function Encr_EncryptRijndaelAES() will now use AES-256 bit encryption by default.
  • Added a switch to the Encr_EncryptRijndaelAES function: “-KeySize=128”, which will generate AES-128 bit encryption.
  • Improved the Encr_DecryptRijndael function: for Troi AES encrypted text, it will automatically detect if it is AES-128 or AES-256 and decrypt the text. You don’t need to change the scripts or add any switches for this to work.
  • Added 3 new functions to the plug-in, to be able to easily exchange AES-Encrypted data with other systems (like for example PHP-mcrypt):
    • Encr_AES_CreateKeyAndIV: creates an encryption key and initialization vector, which can be used for the AES encryption or decryption.
    • Encr_AES_EncryptUsingKey: encrypts the data using the AES-128 or AES-256 algorithm using the encryption key and initialization vector.
    • Encr_AES_DecryptUsingKey: decrypts the data using the AES-128 or AES-256 algorithm with the encryption key and initialization vector.
  • Added PHP mcrypt script which demonstrates how to decrypt data generated with the EncryptAES.fmp12 example file in PHP.
  • Troi Encryptor Plug-in is now compatible to run under FileMaker Server! The plug-in creates log files when running under FileMaker Server to make troubleshooting easier and to provide feedback regarding errors and registration status.
    Note that you need a special Server/WebEngine license to use this plug-in on FileMaker Server. See our web site for details.
  • Added new Encr_VersionAutoUpdate function. The Encr_VersionAutoUpdate function is part of a standard for FileMaker plug-ins of third party vendors of plug-ins. The version number is returned in the format aabbccdd where every letter represents a digit of the level, so versions can be easily compared.
  • Fixed a bug in the Encr_DecodeBase64 function, where ASCII character 240 (Apple logo) and ASCII character 189 (Omega) would not be added to the result.
  • Updated information regarding MD5 hash and collisions/uniqueness. Now recommends the use of SHA-1 when more security is needed.
  • Added new switch -GetRegistrationState to the Encr_Version function: this switch allows you to check if the plug-in is currently registered.
  • Added new switch “-GetPluginInstallPath” to the Encr_Version function: this switch will return the path where the plug-in is installed, for example “/Mac HD/Users/User Name/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/FileMaker Pro/14.0/Extensions/Troi_Encryptor.fmplugin”.
  • Added new switch to Encr_Version: -UnregisterPlugin. This will remove the registration data. The plug-in will be in the unregistered state after this.
  • Several bug fixes and further improvements.
  • Made various changes to several example files.

Troi Encryptor Plug-in versions for FileMaker Pro 7, 8.x and 9

Version 2.5.2 (for FileMaker Pro 7, 8.x and 9) (September 25th, 2007)

  • Fixed a bug in the Encr_DecodeBase64 function, where the last Base64 character would not always be decoded correctly.
  • Added new switch “-DecodeSafeAsciiDecryptDESDecompress” to the Encr_Code() function. This will perform three actions in succession: first decode from SafeAscii, then decrypt the intermediate result (using decryptDES) and finally decompress it.
  • Fixed a small inconsistency with Encr_Version( “-GetVersionString” ). It now properly returns with a space between the plug-in name and the version number.
  • Updated the User Guide for version 2.5.2.

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