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July 2014

Troi File Plug-in Release notes 1998-2016

In this post you find the older release notes for Troi File Plug-in for FileMaker Pro.

Version 8.5 (for FileMaker 12 to 15) (May 10, 2016)

  • Tested and made compatible with FileMaker Pro 15.
  • Added new TrFile_ZIPInfo function, which lists the items (files and folders) inside a ZIP file.
  • Added new TrFile_UnZIP function, which expands a ZIP file into a specified folder.
  • Added -SkipDS_Store switch to the TrFile_ZIPInfo function, which will remove .DS_Store files from the result. Mac OS X stores extra info in these hidden files.
  • Added -SkipHiddenMacOSXItems switch to the TrFile_ZIPInfo function, which will remove from the result all items which are in a __MACOSX folder in the ZIP. Mac OS X stores extra info and resource forks of files in this __MACOSX folder.
  • Created the ZIPAndUnZIP.fmp12 example file. Removed the older CreateZip.fmp12 example file.
  • Added new TrFile_CreateAlias function, which creates an alias file (on OS X) or shortcut (on Windows) from the source file or source folder.
  • Further improved the multi-threading behavior of the plug-in when running in FileMaker Pro 15.
  • Improved the example file EasyInstallTroiPlugins.fmp12, to provide more help when an installation error occurs.
  • Added description and type-ahead information for all functions of the plug-in. This extra function description will be shown in FileMaker Pro 15 in the Specify Calculation dialog box when you type a function name and also as a text popup in the functions pane on the right.
    The type-ahead information is used by the auto complete functionality of FileMaker Pro 15. In the calculation pane of the Specify Calculation dialog box you can type a letter or two of the function name and instantly see a list of matching function names. For example when you type “ap”, the auto complete functionality will suggest the TrFile_AppendContents function. You can also type a function name in the functions pane on the right: for example if you type “fold” you will see all the functions relevant to folders, like TrFile_CopyFolder.
  • Fixed several bugs, rewrote and modernized the code in several places and made further improvements.
  • Updated the User Guide and the Overview.fmp12 file.

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