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Claris FileMaker 2024 is here!

We congratulate Claris International Inc. on the release of the new version 2024 of the FileMaker platform today.

Claris FileMaker 2024 has been released

Claris today launched its new FileMaker 2024 platform. This latest version of FileMaker introduces native support for semantic search and AI. Semantic search with the integrated script steps allows users to ask natural language questions, so they can ask for data without precise knowledge of what to search for.

See the Claris website for all the new features of FileMaker Pro 2024.

Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker Pro 21 (FileMaker Pro 2024)

Troi File Plug-in 16 has already been prepared for the new FileMaker 2024 platform and is fully compatible with it. We are working hard to prepare our other plug-ins for this new FileMaker version too. Please see the FileMaker 2024 compatibility page to learn which versions we have tested to work with FileMaker 2024.