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FileMaker 2023 compatibility

By April 25, 2023Compatibility

Here you’ll find some information regarding compatibility of Troi Plug-ins with FileMaker 2023.
We will update this page when we release new versions of our plug-ins. Please check back for updates.

(This page was first published on April 25, 2023. The web page with information regarding compatibility of our plug-ins with FileMaker 19.3 is still available here.)


Running plug-ins with FileMaker 2023 on Apple Silicon

FileMaker Pro 2023 (like FileMaker Pro 19.6) is a Universal macOS binary, so it can run native on Macs with Apple Silicon and on Intel Macs.

We updated all our plug-ins to run as a Universal macOS binary. Please see below for an overview of all Troi plug-ins and their compatibility with FileMaker 2023 and Apple Silicon.

Plug-ins need to be code signed

Starting with FileMaker Pro 18, the FileMaker app will check if plug-ins are code-signed. A valid code signature assures the user that a plug-in is valid, unchanged and made by a certain developer. When you install a plug-in that is not code-signed, FileMaker will give you a warning.

All current Troi plug-ins are code-signed. For more information on how our code signatures look, see the correct code signatures of Troi Plug-ins information. Please see below for an overview of all Troi plug-ins and their compatibility with FileMaker 19.x and FileMaker 2023.

The same plug-in architecture

The plug-in architecture has not changed in FileMaker 2023. So there is no need to change your function calls when converting to FileMaker 2023.

Overview of Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker 2023

Here is an overview of all our plug-ins that have been tested to work with FileMaker 2023 (and also FileMaker Pro 19, 18, 17, 16).

date of
first version*
macOS Native on Apple Silicon Windows remarks
Activator Plug-in May 18, 2021 8.0.1 Yes! 8.0.1 HTTP Upload Server may crash when stopping FMP 2023
Dialog Plug-in January 10, 2023 11.0 Yes! 11.0 initial tests show no problems
Encryptor Plug-in April 25, 2023 8.0 Yes! 8.0 optimized for FileMaker 2023!
File Plug-in August 18, 2022 14.0 Yes! 14.0 drag and drop does not work yet with FMP 2023
Serial Plug-in October 18, 2021 7.0.2 Yes! 7.0.2 initial tests show no problems
Text Plug-in Dec. 21, 2021 5.0 Yes! 5.0 initial tests show no problems
URL Plug-in Oct. 13, 2021 8.0 Yes! 8.0 initial tests show no problems


* This is the first version that was tested with FileMaker 2023 (FileMaker 20.1.1)