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Troi File Plug-in 12.1 for FileMaker Pro 19 released

By January 26, 2021May 28th, 2021New releases

Updated file management plug-in for FileMaker Pro 19 offers new functionality and is compatible with macOS 11.0.

Lienden, the Netherlands, January 26, 2021–Troi today announced the immediate availability of Troi File Plug-in 12.1 for FileMaker 19. This is a maintenance update in which we tested and improved the compatibility with macOS 11.0 (Big Sur), added and improved several functions and fixed a number of issues.

New functionality in Troi File Plug-in version 12.1

Troi File Plug-in 12.1 has the following new functionality:

  • Added new function TrFile_GetFileKind, which will return a (localized) description of what kind of file this is. For example a .fmp12 file will return “FileMaker Document” and a .zip file will return “ZIP Archive”. NOTE The resulting description will be returned in the current system language and can be slightly different depending on platform, installed applications and OS version.
  • Improved the TrFile_GetFileHash function: you can now use a container (or a variable with container data) as the source parameter, for example a JPEG in a container field.
  • Added switch “-AllowNonLocalCloudItems” to the TrFile_SelectFileDialog function. This will allow you to select files that are not downloaded to the local disk.
  • Improved the TrFile_GetMetaData function: added support for FujiFilm Raw image files (.raf) when using the switches “-GetEXIF” and “-GetXMP”.
  • Improved the TrFile_CreateThumbnail function for .CRW (RAW) files, when using the switch “-GetFullSizeRawThumbnail” switch, the function now returns the full size thumbnail embedded in the RAW file.
  • Added new switch “-DontAddDS_Store” to the TrFile_CreateZIP function. When you add this switch hidden .DS_Store files will not be added to the ZIP file (.DS_Store files can be added to folders by the macOS Finder).
  • Added new switch “-AddMacOSXAttributes” to the TrFile_CreateZIP function. When you add this switch Extended attributes and resource forks are added to the zip file. If there are extended attributes (or files with resource forks) this will be stored in a “__MACOSX” folder at the top level.

Improved compatibility, bug fixes and other changes and improvements

Troi File Plug-in 12.1 also has the following changes and improvements:

  • Tested and made compatible with Claris FileMaker Pro 19, up to and including FileMaker Pro 19.2.
  • Tested and made compatible with macOS 11.0 (Big Sur).
  • Tested and made compatible with Windows 10 version 20H2 (October 2020 Update) and Windows 10 version 2004 (May 2020 Update).
  • Fixed a problem while using the encoding switch -Encoding=ASCII_Windows (Windows-1252) : the plug-in no longer crashes when an incorrect or corrupt text with undefined character codes (like for example 0x81) is read. In this case the Unicode replacement character is returned.
  • (macOS) Fixed a problem with the functions TrFile_Substitute, TrFile_SetMetadata and TrFile_InsertContents functions: in some cases (with the source and destination file being equal) these functions would work but incorrectly return an error code $$-47.
  • (Windows) Fixed a problem with creating thumbnails with the Create Thumbnail script step or the TrFile_CreateThumbnail function, the plug-in would not honor the EXIF orientation tag for some JPEG images.
  • Fixed a bug in the TrFile_GetMetaData function: when using the switch “-GetPDFDescription” the plug-in no longer truncates text when it contains a slash.
  • Fixed a problem in the Set MetaData of Image File script step and the TrFile_SetMetaData function. The GPS Altitude Reference can now be set correctly (0 = Above Sea Level and 1 = Below Sea Level).
  • Renamed the Delete File script step to Delete file (note the lower case f), making its name different from the FileMaker native Delete File step. This ensures that when you copy and paste script steps the correct step is pasted.
  • (macOS) Modernized several functions and script steps. They now use a more modern framework.
  • (macOS) Improved compatibility when running FileMaker Pro 19 in dark mode, the flash dialog is now more visible.
  • Improved several example files.
  • Several other minor bug fixes.

More detailed information on all changes and improvements can be found on the File Plug-in page.
You can download the new version there.

Upgrading to version 12.1 is free for all customers with a valid subscription for the Troi Developer License Bundle and for users of version 12.0. You don’t need a new registration code.
Upgrades from older versions are available from US $ 59. You can order upgrades from our shop.