Actr_DeleteEvent (function reference)

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Activator Plug-in for FileMaker Pro


This function will remove an event from the memory of the plug-in.

SyntaxFunction badge

Actr_DeleteEvent ( switches ; eventID )


switchesdetermines which information is to be deleted
eventID(optional) the event to delete


switches can be one of this:

-DeleteLastTriggereddelete the event that was last triggered
-DeleteAllTriggeredEventsdelete all triggered events
-DeleteAllEventsdelete all events
-DeleteByIDdelete the event specified in the next parameter

Returned Result

Data type returned

Error code


If successful it returns 0. If unsuccessful it returns an error code starting with $$ and the error code. Returned error codes can be:

0no error
$$-50parameter error, check if your parameters are correct
$$-41not enough memory

Other errors may be returned.

Originated in

Activator Plug-in 1.2


FileMaker Pro 14 to 17


You can also delete events when you are retrieving data from the event. See the function Actr_GetEventInfo for this.


Set Field [ result ; Actr_DeleteEvent ( "-DeleteAllTriggeredEvents" ; ) ]

This command will remove all triggered events.

Example 2

We assume that in your FileMaker file the following fields are defined:

gErrorCode		Global, text
gEventID		Global, number

gEventID contains an eventID. Add the following script step to your Trigger script:

Set Field [ gErrorCode ; Actr_DeleteEvent ( "-DeleteByID" ;  gEventID ) ]

This will remove the event with the same EventID as in field gEventID from the memory of the plug-in.

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