Dial_DelayTicks (function reference)

Troi Dialog Plug-in for FileMaker Pro


Waits a specified period of time.

SyntaxFunction badge

Dial_DelayTicks ( switches ; ticks )


switchesreserved for future use, leave empty or set to "-Unused"
ticksthe time the function waits, in 1/60th of a second

Returned Result

Data type returned



This function always returns 0.

Originated in

Troi Dialog Plug-in 3.7


FileMaker Pro 12 to 16


A maximum time of 2 minutes can be specified.

On Mac OS there is a problem where FileMaker does not update the screen after a Dial_DelayTicks step, even if you do a different Set Field step. To workaround this please add this step before the Dial_DelayTicks step: Pause/Resume Script [ 0:00:00 ]


Set Field [ gButtonNr ; Dial_DelayTicks ( "-Unused" ; 180 ) ]

will wait for 180 ticks = 3 seconds.

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