Encr_Decompress (function reference)

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Troi Encryptor Plug-in for FileMaker Pro


Decompresses text that was previously compressed.

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Encr_Decompress ( switches ; text )


switches reserved for future use, leave empty or set to "-Unused"
text the text to decompress

Returned Result

Data type returned



the decompressed text
“$$ Decompression Error” + an error code, when the decompression failed.

Originated in

Troi Encryptor Plug-in 1.5


FileMaker Pro 15 to 19


NOTE: this function can only decompress text that was previously compressed with “Encr_Compress” function (ZLIB algorithm). Currently no other algorithms, like ZIP and Stuffit (.sit) are supported.


Set Field [ result ; Encr_Decompress ( "-Unused" ; "xú3426153∑∞T0ƒdWÿ" ) ]

will result in the decompressed string: “123456789 123456789 123456789”

Example 2

In a document database you have defined a text field named “letterCompressed” which contains the main part of a letter, compressed. Then you can define a calculation field:

letterContentsCalc   calculation    Unstored = Encr_Decompress ( "-Unused" ; letterCompressed )

this field will contain the uncompressed version of the contents.

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