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Set File Attributes (script step reference)

Troi File Plug-in > Script steps reference > Set File Attributes
Troi File Plug-in for FileMaker Pro

Set File Attributes

Sets an attribute of the file specified by the filePath.

SyntaxScript step badge

Set File Attributes [ Select ; Result (error) ; FilePath ; Lock ;
                      Visibility ; Archive bit ; Finder label ]


Select entire contents replaces the entire contents of a field with the result. If not checked the result replaces the currently selected portion of the field
Result (error) an error code
FilePath the path to the file
Lock On/Off/Don’t Change
Visibility Make visible/Hide/Don’t Change
Archive bit Set/Clear/Don’t Change
Finder label "No label" or 1 (Gray) to 9 (Orange) or Don’t Change

Returned Result

Data type returned

Error code


The returned result is an error code. An error always starts with 2 dollars, followed by the error code. You should always check for errors. Returned error codes can be:

0 no error The attribute was set.
$$-43 fnfErr File not found.
$$-50 paramErr There was an error with the parameter.
$$-1 genericErr An unspecified error occurred.

Other errors may be returned.

Originated in

Troi File Plug-in 9.0


FileMaker Pro 16 to FileMaker Pro 2023


You can set the label of a folder too.


Set File Attributes [ Select ; gErrorCode ; "C:\test.doc" ;  Lock: On ]

The file will be locked (made read-only) and the result will be 0 (provided the file exists).

Set File Attributes [ Select ; $ErrorCode ; "HD:data:test.doc" ; Visibility: Hide ]

The file will become hidden.

Set File Attributes [ Select ; $ErrorCode ; "HD:data:test.doc" ;  
			Visibility: Make visible ; Label: 2 (Green) ]

The file will become visible and the label in the Finder will be set to 2 (Green).

Example 2

We assume that in your FileMaker file the following fields are defined:

    gFilePath		Global, text
    gLockIt		Global, number  (used as a boolean value)
    gErrorCode		Global, number

gFilePath should contain the path to an existing file, for example “D:\Out.txt” (Windows) or “Mac HD:Out.txt” (Mac). In a script add the following script step:

If [ gLockIt = 1 ]
  Set File Attributes [ Select ; gErrorCode ; gFilePath ; Lock: On ]
  Set File Attributes [ Select ; gErrorCode ; gFilePath ; Lock: Off ]
End If

This will make the file locked if gLockIt is 1 and unlocked otherwise.

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