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Learn Spelling (step reference)

By November 1, 2017November 13th, 2017Online Help, Troi Text Plug-in
Troi Text Plug-in for FileMaker Pro

Learn Spelling

Adds a word to the spell checker dictionary.

SyntaxScript step badge

Learn Spelling [ Select; Result (error) ; Words To Learn ]


Select entire contents replaces the entire contents of a field with the result. If not checked the result replaces the currently selected portion of the field
Result (error) an error code
Words To Learn the word(s) to be learned

Returned Result

Data type returned

Error code


If successful the plug-in returns 0.

If unsuccessful it returns an error code starting with $$ and the error code. Returned error codes can be:

0 No error The word was learned.
$$-4221 InvalidOSVersion The spelling functions are not available on this platform.

Other errors may be returned.

Originated in

Troi Text Plug-in 4.5


FileMaker Pro 16


Note that the spelling functions are available for Windows 8 and later (and all Mac OS versions).
You can learn multiple words by specifying a list of return-delimited values.


Learn Spelling [ $ErrorCode ; "apekool" ]

This will add the word “apekool” to the dictionary of the Operating System.

Example 2

Learn Spelling [ $ErrorCode ; "selfie¶photobomb" ]

This will add the words “selfie” and “photobomb” to the dictionary of the Operating System.

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