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TrText_Version (function reference)

By December 1, 2021December 21st, 2021Online Help, Troi Text Plug-in
Troi Text Plug-in for FileMaker Pro


Use this function to see which version of the plug-in is loaded.
Note: This function is also used to register the plug-in.

SyntaxFunction badge

TrText_Version ( switches )


switches determine the behaviour of the function


switches can be one of this:

-GetVersionString the version string is returned (default)
-GetVersionNumber returns the version number of the plug-in
-ShowFlashDialog shows the Flash Dialog of the plug-in (returns 0)
-GetPluginInstallPath returns the path where the plug-in is installed
-GetRegistrationState get the registration state of the plug-in: 0 = not registered ; 1 = registered
-UnregisterPlugin sets the registration state of the plug-in to unregistered

If you leave the parameter empty the version string is returned.

Returned Result

Data type returned



The function returns ? if this plug-in is not loaded. If the plug-in is loaded the result depends on the input parameter. It is either a:

If you asked for the version string it will return for example “Troi Text Plug-in 4.5”

If you asked for the version number it returns the version number of the plug-in x1000. For example version 2.7.1 will return number 2710.

This will show the flash dialog and then return the error code 0.

Originated in

Troi Text Plug-in 1.2


FileMaker Pro 16 to 19


IMPORTANT Always use this function to determine if the plug-in is loaded. If the plug-in is not loaded use of external functions may result in data loss, as FileMaker will return an empty field to any external function that is not loaded.



will return “Troi Text Plug-in 4.5”.

Example 2

TrText_Version ( "-GetVersionNumber" )

will return 4100 for version 4.1.

TrText_Version ( "-GetVersionNumber" )

will return 2701 for version 2.7b1

TrText_Version ( "-GetVersionNumber" )

will return 2730 for version 2.7.3

To use a feature introduced with version 4.1 test if the result is bigger than 4100.

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