FileMaker 17 compatibility

Here you’ll find some information regarding compatibility of Troi Plug-ins with FileMaker 17.
We will update this page when we release new versions of our plug-ins. Please check back for updates.
(The web page with information regarding compatibility of our plug-ins with FileMaker 16 is still available here.)


Running plug-ins with FileMaker 17

In general all our plug-ins that worked with FileMaker Pro 16 still work with FileMaker 17. Please see below for an overview of all Troi plug-ins and their compatibility with FileMaker 17.

The same plug-in architecture

The plug-in architecture has not changed in FileMaker 17. So there is no need to change your function calls when converting to FileMaker 17.

Overview of Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker 17

Here is an overview of all our plug-ins that have been tested to work with FileMaker 17 (and also FileMaker Pro 16, 15, 14 and 13).

Works in
FileMaker 17, 16, 15, 14 and 13
date of
first version*
Mac OSWindowsremarks
Activator Plug-inDec. 11, 20174.
Dialog Plug-inNov. 14, 20187.57.5optimized for FileMaker 17
Encryptor Plug-inAug. 15, 20174.04.0
File Plug-inMay 15, 201810.010.0optimized for FileMaker 17
Serial Plug-inAug. 6, 20185.55.5optimized for FileMaker 17
Text Plug-inNov. 13, 20174.54.5
URL Plug-inJune 26, 20175.05.0

* This is the first version that was tested with FileMaker 17

The following plug-in has not been compiled for 64-bit yet, and hence will not work with FileMaker 14-17:

latest version
date of versionMac OS XWindowsremarks
Grabber Plug-inApril 19th, 20122.32.3
Compatibility of Troi Plug-ins with FileMaker Pro 17