FileMaker 17 compatibility

By May 15, 2018April 23rd, 2019Compatibility

Here you’ll find some information regarding compatibility of Troi Plug-ins with FileMaker 17.
We will update this page when we release new versions of our plug-ins. Please check back for updates.
(The web page with information regarding compatibility of our plug-ins with FileMaker 16 is still available here.)


Running plug-ins with FileMaker 17

In general all our plug-ins that worked with FileMaker Pro 16 still work with FileMaker 17. Please see below for an overview of all Troi plug-ins and their compatibility with FileMaker 17.

The same plug-in architecture

The plug-in architecture has not changed in FileMaker 17. So there is no need to change your function calls when converting to FileMaker 17.

Overview of Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker 17

Here is an overview of all our plug-ins that have been tested to work with FileMaker 17 (and also FileMaker Pro 16, 15, and 14).

Works in
FileMaker 17, 16, 15, 14
date of
first version*
Mac OSWindowsremarks
Activator Plug-inApr. 23, 20195.05.0optimized for FileMaker 17
Dialog Plug-inNov. 14, 20187.57.5optimized for FileMaker 17
Encryptor Plug-inFeb. 12, 20195.05.0optimized for FileMaker 17
File Plug-inMay 15, 201810.010.0optimized for FileMaker 17
Serial Plug-inAug. 6, 20185.55.5optimized for FileMaker 17
Text Plug-inNov. 13, 20174.54.5
URL Plug-inMarch 20, 20196.06.0optimized for FileMaker 17

* This is the first version that was tested with FileMaker 17

The following plug-in has not been compiled for 64-bit yet, and hence will not work with FileMaker 14-17:

latest version
date of versionMac OS XWindowsremarks
Grabber Plug-inApril 19th, 20122.32.3