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FAQ Part 3: Dialog Plug-in questions

By December 1, 2017May 20th, 2018FAQ

How to separate the button number and the user input from an input dialog?

Use the Dial_GetButton ( “” ) and Dial_GetInput ( “-Textn” ) (where n indicates the number of the input field) functions for this. The text of the button and the input field(s) is saved by the plug-in until a next dialog is displayed.

Why doesn't Dial_DelayTicks update the screen on Mac OS?

On Mac OS there is a problem where FileMaker does not update the screen after a Dial_DelayTicks step, even if you do a Set Field step to some other data.
To workaround this please add a “Pause/Resume Script” step of zero seconds before the Dial_DelayTicks step, like this:

Pause/Resume Script [ 0:00:00 ]
Set Field [ gErrorCode ; Dial_DelayTicks ( "-Unused" ; "30" ) ]

While I use the Dial_ProgressBar function some script steps are not performed. Is it correct that script steps that manipulate the clipboard do not to work?

Yes, this is a limitation of the plug-in. When the progress bar dialog is visible the script steps that use the clipboard, like pasting in a container field, will not work as these steps try to paste in the progress bar window.
You should not show the progress bar when there are these kind of steps.

Other questions?

If your question is not answered here, please look in the documentation that comes with the plug-in. If you have suggestions please email a FAQ suggestion.