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Files and Folders and FileMaker

By March 9, 2015September 26th, 2017FileMaker Plug-ins blog

Did you know that with Troi File Plug-in you can easily see which files or folders are in a folder?

You can get this list easily into FileMaker Pro with the TrFile_ListFolder( ) function. In ScriptMaker add this script step to a script:
Set Field [ result, TrFile_ListFolder( “-Files -Folders” ; “Mac HD:”) ]
This will return a text list of all files and folders on the hard disk “Mac HD”. The two switches -Files and -Folders indicate you want both types returned. This might return for example this:

Desktop Folder
Program files
Financial report.xls

and so on…

Troi plug-ins are cross-platform so you can also use it on Windows like this:
Set Field [ result, TrFile_ListFolder( “-Files” ; “C:\Data") ]
This will return a list of all files (but not the folders) on the hard disk “C:\Data”.

Much more functions

This is just one of the functions added by the Troi File Plug-in. On the Troi File Plug-in page you can download a fully functional demo with all the functions explained:

It is a great and easy way to enhance your database for you or your customers.

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