Actr_Shutdown (function reference)

Activator Plug-in for FileMaker Pro


Shutdown the computer.

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Actr_Shutdown ( switches )


switchesdetermine the behavior of this command


switches can be left empty or set to this:

-Force(currently Windows only) force other running applications to close

Returned Result

Data type returned

Error code


The returned result is an error code. If successful it returns 0. An error always starts with 2 dollars, followed by the error code. You should always check for errors. Returned error codes can be:

0no error
$$-50parameter error, check if your parameters are correct

Other errors may be returned.

Originated in

Activator Plug-in 3.6


FileMaker Pro 12 to 16


If you don’t specify the -Force switch the computer may not shutdown, because of other programs not closing.
There is a 20 second delay before the shutdown starts.
The -Force switch currently does not have any effect on Mac OS.


Set Field [ result ; Actr_Shutdown ( "" ) ]

This will shutdown the computer.

Set Field [ result ; Actr_Shutdown ( "-force" ) ]

This will shutdown the computer, forcing all programs to close.

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