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Encr_GetPasswordStrength (function reference)

By April 20, 2023April 25th, 2023Online Help, Troi Encryptor Plug-in
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Troi Encryptor Plug-in for FileMaker Pro


Checks a password for its strength. Returns a positive number (with a value of more than 60 being a good strength)

SyntaxFunction badge

Encr_GetPasswordStrength( switches ; password)


switches not used, reserved for future use. Leave blank or put "-Unused"
password the password you want to know the strength of

Returned Result

Data type returned



A positive number indicating the strength of the password. Over time the strength of a password is considered less. Currently the resulting value can be interpreted like this:

strength > 85 = Excellent
strength > 60 = Good
strength > 50 = Fair
strength > 30 = Weak
strength less than 30 = Very Weak

Originated in

Troi Encryptor Plug-in 6.0


FileMaker Pro 16 to FileMaker Pro 2023


Note that the interpretation of the returned strength value is made in the year 2020. Over time the strength of a password can become less as computers become more powerful. See also Wikipedia here.
It is advised to use a long length password, a password length of 9 characters for example is no longer considered safe for most use cases.
Also don’t use a password that is common. In the example file we check for that with a list of common passwords that can be found on Wikipedia here.


Set Variable [ $Password ; Encr_GetPasswordStrength ( "-Unused" ; "when4PIgSflY" ) ]

This will return a strength of 80 indicating a good password.

Set Variable [ $Password ; Encr_GetPasswordStrength ( "-Unused" ; "8Z@h-d6HQ-I5YE4" ) ]

This will return a strength of 102 indicating an excellent password.

Used in example file


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