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Troi Encryptor Plug-in for FileMaker Pro

Get Password from Keychain

Gets a password from the keychain (for this account and/or yourID).

SyntaxScript step badge

GetPassword from Keychain [ Select ; Account ; YourID ]


Select entire contentsreplaces the entire contents of a field with the result. If not checked the result replaces the currently selected portion of the field
Accountthe name of the account (or user) that has been used when saving this password
YourID(optional) the extra ID that was used when saving this password

Returned Result

Data type returned



The saved password or an error code.

Returned error codes can be:

$$-25300errKCItemNotFoundthe password could not be found in the keychain
$$-50paramErrparameter error

Originated in

Troi Encryptor Plug-in 4.0


FileMaker Pro 16


The password is safely stored in the keychain and it can be retrieved from the keychain with this function without the user needing to enter the (keychain) password. The keychain is unlocked when the user logs in to the operating system.

If you specify an account and/or yourID combination for which no password exists, the plug-in returns error code $$-25300.


Get Password from Keychain [ $Password ; "John Deere" ]

This will get the password for the user “John Deere” from the keychain, and the result will be for example “secret”.

Example 2

Get Password from Keychain [ $Password ; "Sales" ; "Invoices|Notes|REC1001" ]

This will get the password from the keychain which was previously stored with the Save Password to Keychain step and the account parameter “Sales” and the yourID parameter “Invoices|Notes|REC1001”.
You can now use this returned password to decrypt text in a field, for example with the Encr_DecryptRijndaelAES function.

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