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TrFile_Control (function reference)

By June 1, 2024June 4th, 2024Online Help, Troi File Plug-in
Troi File Plug-in for FileMaker Pro


Controls the functions of the plug-in. You can disable and enable the functions of the plug-in. This allows you to create powerful solutions, without the risk of users misusing the functions, causing unwanted or harmful results.

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TrFile_Control ( switches ; { password } )


switches these determine how the function works. You can disable or enable all functions
password the password to be used


switches can be one of the following:

-DisableAllFunctions allow the user no access to functions
-EnableAllFunctions allow the user access to all functions
-CurrentEnabledStatus get the status, 1 = plug-in is enabled, 0 plug-in is disabled

Returned Result

Data type returned

Error code


The returned result is an error code. An error always starts with 2 dollars, followed by the error code. You should always check for errors. Returned error codes can be:

0 no error
$$-4217 pwdAlreadySet password already set (enable first)
$$-4218 alreadyEnabled functions are already enabled
$$-4219 pwdWrong password was wrong

Other errors may be returned.

Originated in

Troi File Plug-in 2.0


FileMaker Pro 17 to FileMaker Pro 21 (2024)


When you call a disabled function an error code of $$-4220 is returned.
After restart of FileMaker all the functions of the plug-in are re-enabled.


Set Field [ result ;  TrFile_Control ( "-disableAllFunctions"  ; "secret password" ) ]

This will disable the functions of the plug-in.

Example 2

We assume that in your FileMaker file the following fields are defined:

    gErrorCode		Global, number	
    gPassword		Global, text

gPassword should contain a password, for example “rapunsel”. Add the following to the startup script:

Set Field [ gErrorCode ; TrFile_Control ( "-disableAllFunctions" ; gPassword ) ]

This will disable the plug-in function. When you want to use the plug-in add the following script steps:

Set Field [ gErrorCode ; TrFile_Control ( "-enableAllFunctions" ; gPassword ) ]
# ... add your powerful functions here...
Set Field [ gErrorCode ;  TrFile_Control ( "-disableAllFunctions" ; gPassword ) ]

This will temporarily enable the plug-in functions.

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