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Serial_DelayMilliseconds (function reference)

By July 1, 2023July 17th, 2023Online Help, Troi Serial Plug-in
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Troi Serial Plug-in for FileMaker Pro


Waits the specified number of milliseconds.

SyntaxFunction badge

Serial_DelayMilliseconds( switches ; milliseconds )


switches not used, reserved for future use. Leave blank or put "-Unused"
milliseconds the time in milliseconds the script is paused

Returned Result

Data type returned

Error code


The returned result is always 0 (no error).


You can use this function to wait for a (small) amount of time on a device, for example to produce a few bytes of data.

The maximum delay time is limited to 600000 milliseconds (= 10 minutes).
This function has no effect on the user interface and it does not unfreeze a Freeze Window script step.


Lets say a serial device needs a bit of time to initialize. You can add this line to a script:

Set Variable [ dontCare ; Serial_DelayMilliseconds ("-unused"; 4500 ) ]

This will pause the script for 4.5 seconds, allowing the device to start up.

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