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Troi Dialog Plug-in 6.0 for FileMaker Pro 13

We just released Troi Dialog Plug-in 6.0, our plug-in for displaying flexible, dynamic dialogs in FileMaker Pro 13. This release adds several new features, such as the possibility to show items from a second value list in a pop-up while returning the value from the first, the possibility to choose multiple items from a list dialog and the use of several keyboard shortcuts in the edit fields of the InputDialog and BigInputDialog.
Download a demo here:

Files and Folders and FileMaker

Did you know that with Troi File Plug-in you can easily see which files or folders are in a folder?

You can get this list easily into FileMaker Pro with the TrFile_ListFolder( ) function. In ScriptMaker add this script step to a script:
Set Field [ result, TrFile_ListFolder( “-Files -Folders” ; “Mac HD:”) ]
This will return a text list of all files and folders on the hard disk “Mac HD”. The two switches -Files and -Folders indicate you want both types returned. This might return for example this:

Desktop Folder
Program files
Financial report.xls

and so on…
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