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FileMaker Cloud compatibility

By October 27, 2016November 13th, 2017Compatibility

Here you’ll find some information regarding compatibility of Troi Plug-ins with FileMaker Cloud.
We will update this page when we release new versions of our plug-ins. Please check back for updates.


Running plug-ins on FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Cloud runs on the Linux operating system. This means that a new platform has to be added to all plug-ins, in addition to the existing Windows and macOS platform. All plug-ins need to be rewritten for this. See below for an overview of all Troi plug-ins and which of them have been updated to work with FileMaker Cloud.

Installing plug-ins and database files on FileMaker Cloud

All FileMaker Cloud compatible versions of Troi plug-ins provide an EasyInstallTroiPlug-ins.fmp12 example file, which can install the plug-in on FileMaker Cloud. For this to work the file has to be uploaded to FileMaker Cloud. You will find instructions for this on the Filemaker Cloud Install Instructions web page.

Overview of Troi Plug-ins for FileMaker Cloud

Here is an overview of the compatibility of all our current plug-ins with FileMaker Cloud.

version* Works on FileMaker Cloud remarks
Activator Plug-in 4.0 no
Dialog Plug-in 6.5 no no Cloud version will be made, as all Dialog functions require user interface
Encryptor Plug-in 3.5 no
File Plug-in 8.6 no
Serial Plug-in 4.5 no
Text Plug-in 4.1 yes! October 27, 2016 FileMaker Cloud version released!
URL Plug-in 4.5 no

* This is the first version that was tested with FileMaker Cloud