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TrFile_SetDefaultFileSpec (function reference)

Troi File Plug-in > Functions reference > TrFile_SetDefaultFileSpec
Troi File Plug-in for FileMaker Pro


Indicates a FilePath (i.e. the file) to be used in succeeding functions where no FilePath is indicated.

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TrFile_SetDefaultFileSpec ( switches ; filePath )


switches not used, reserved for future use. Leave blank or put "-Unused"
filePath the path to the file

Returned Result

Data type returned



This function does not return anything at the moment. This may change in a future version.

Originated in

Troi File Plug-in 1.0


FileMaker Pro 16 to FileMaker Pro 2023


You can use FileMaker styled paths, like “filewin:/C:/MyFiles/test.txt”.


We assume that in your FileMaker file the following fields are defined:

  gErrorCode		Global, number
  gFilePath		Global, text
  textField		text

gFilePath should contain the path to an existing file, for example “D:\Hello.TXT” (Windows) or “Disk1:Hello” (Mac). TextField contains the text you want to write. In a script add the following scriptsteps:

Set Field [ gErrorCode ; TrFile_SetDefaultFileSpec ( gFilePath ) ]
Set Field [ gErrorCode ; TrFile_SetDefaultCreator ( "ttxt" ) ]
Set Field [ gErrorCode ; TrFile_SetDefaultType ( "TEXT" ) ]
Set Field [ gErrorCode ; TrFile_SetContents ( "-Encoding=ASCII_Windows" ; textField ) ]

This will set the default file to your file with a SimpleText FileType and Creator. Then the text is written to the file.

Used in example file


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